Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy monday @ Fresh Salon


 "Happy Mondays" are ARROJO'S commitment to provide advanced and inspirational, career-shaping education to fellow professionals. They share their approach to modern, creative hairdressing, along with smart and savvy business-building skills.
At this HAPPY MONDAY, Nick Arrojo and his world-renowned team of master stylists demonstrated contemporary techniques in creative cutting and coloring while a packed crowd listened carefully, taking extensive notes. The idea was to show the value of proper craftsmanship; inspire with fashion-forward and functional, beautiful, wearable hair; and display techniques stylists can use to feel motivated, and to improve their work with clients on the salon floor.
Business-wise, Nick shared the best and most successful business practices in contemporary hairdressing. He highlighted the value of the ARROJO Ambassador Program. This is their direct to salon, ARROJO product distribution business, with perks including education, mentoring and business support, growth and inspiration for salons and stylists.
By immersing like-minded hairdressers into our world, ARROJO creates stronger connections between professionals, and drives innovation in the industry. See pics below from our Happy Monday at Fresh Salon and the fabulous results from our guest stylists.




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