Friday, July 23, 2010

Hairdreams Hair Extensions and Fresh Salon

Fresh Salon has recently partnered with Hairdreams, the leading provider of quality hair extensions. Our Fresh team is excited at the many possibilities regarding Hairdreams in our salon.

Recently, several of our stylists participated in extensive training perfecting the art of Hairdreams extensions and all that they have to offer. Fresh Salon continues to have great results, with clients who have recieved the Hairdreams hair extension service. They have raved about how shiny, managable and amazing the extensions have proven to be.

The Hairdreams extension service first requires a complimentary consultation. This will ensure that you and your stylist have the opportunity to discuss how Hairdreams can work for you.

Hairdreams exclusively uses 100% human hair, which is hand selected and of the highest quality. Hairdreams hair stands out with its healthy, glowing shine, brilliant lasting colors and natural elasticity. It comes in two quality levels: "Basic" and "Special".

"Special" Hair:
This signature specialty is hand selected hair of the highest quality. This healthy European type hair comes in natural colors from black to blonde and can be reused up to two times and for up to 18 months.

"Basic" Hair:
This hair is strong and healthy; thus well suited for hair extensions. It is carefully lightened, refined and colored in a time consuming and elaborate process by Hairdreams experts. This hair is suitable for a wearing period of up to six months.

The colors, shapes and lengths of Hairdreams hair extensions:
The palette of Hairdreams hair allows for an almost infinite spectrum of possible styles.
- Colors: the selection of color tones ranges from discrete natural tones to brilliant fashion colors. Your own personal colors are possible as well!
- Shapes: Several hair structures are available to you: Straight, several level of gentle perms as well as naturally wavy hair. The hair can be permed as well as colored after the application.
- Lengths: Hairdreams hair comes in 8 standard lengths from 10 inches to 22 inches if this is not enough special lengths of up to 26 inches are available on request.

Besides the actual hair the quality of the attachments or bondings is of considerable importance for a good result.
- Hairdreams Standard Bondings: Hairdreams Standard Bondings stand out because of their high durability and neutral, unobtrusive appearance. A selection of various strand thicknesses allows for an optimal fit to all hair structures and scalp areas.
- Comfort Point Bondings: Comfort Point attachments are an innovative Hairdreams specialty which have a special ergonomic shape. These attachments provide extra comfort and thus a particularly pleasant wearing experience, as well as an unusually natural fall and look to the hair.

For additional information, or to schedule your complimentary consultation feel free to contact Fresh Salon, at 704-841-2100 or send us an email to

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