Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Matter Of Trust

Fresh Salon is proud to announce that we are currently contributing to Matter Of Trust. Matter of Trust is an ecological charity operating the Hair Mat and Oil Spill program. Salon owners from around the United States, Canada and beyond also contribute by sending their hair clippings in recycled shampoo boxes lined with large plastic garbage bags. The swept up hair is shipped to specific US manufactures who weave them into mats that can soak up oil and clean our beaches and harbors.

Recycled hair clippings are also made into hair "booms" which are sausage shaped. Hair is stuffed into recycled nylons (with mesh to provide an strong exterior). These booms are then tied together and are then used to encircle and contain oil spills to keep oil from spreading. They protect fragile coves and habitats.

Each of you will be excited to know that you yourself have made a contribution without even being aware. Over the past several months while visiting the salon for your regularly scheduled appointments, your hair clippings have been gathered and sent to assist in purifying the gulf and saving wildlife.

Please go to their website to see how else you can get involved!

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